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I work with women and men aged 25-60 years old wishing to shed excess pounds and get fit in order to look good and feel great by providing mobile personal training at your home, workplace or in-studio at my state of the art personal training studio.

  • Marquis McMichael

    Bigger Chest!!! Bigger Arms!!! More Defined Midsection!!!! More Confidence!!!

    Marquis is my brother from another mother. When we met in 2009 he was already a pretty fit dude. Skateboarding along with guitar playing were a part of his everyday routine. Over the years we've grown to be really good friends and over the years he's cut back on the skateboarding which had a lot to do with his good health and strong physique growing up. In addition to that I am happy to say that he is now a very proud father to a beautiful little girl named Maya.
    He started lacking energy and strength and he wasn't having it. Marquis started training with me in 2014 and now he's as ripped as ever. It wasn't long before Marquis got his mojo back, and had more energy for his baby girl. He started noticing changes in his midsection, chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs.
    Eating healthy and meditation have always been a part of his routine so now it's all about maintaining for him.

  • Maria Varela

    Lost 15lbs, 4 Dress Sizes and Finally got a Flat Tummy!

    Maria is a beast plain and simple. She's almost 50 years old and outperforms girls half her age. She was already a very successful legal professional in New York City, but sitting behind a desk for most of the day caused the belly to get out of control. Being the successful person that she is, she decided to hire the expert and she signed up for our 12-Week Body Transformation program. Admittedly, Maria is an easy case...she's very intense when it comes to training and her form is perfect after one demonstration. Every training session she leaves it all on the floor. She screams...grunts....and hollers just like a professional athlete would do. Our studio is totally private and open to members only, and we told Maria the same thing acting schools tell you, "This space is your space. Feel free to scream, cry, holler, grunt, snort, rejoice, laugh and whatever else you want to do in here. It's totally private." We tell all of our clients that in the beginning and it takes some clients a minute for it to sink in....not so for Maria. She lets it all out and her body shows the results of such intensity. Oh, and she deadlifts more than %150 of her bodyweight. Not bad for almost 50 years old!

  • Anthony L.

    Lost 21lbs and Dropped to only 10% Body Fat in Only 12-Weeks! "I Finally Got a Six-Pack!!"

  • Mark Lehrman

    Another Incredible 8-Week transformation!!!

    Mark Lehrman has been training with me for 2+ years. He's a college student and every break he gets he dedicates to training with me. We train hard for 4 weeks or so.
    Anything Mark puts his mind to he gets done. He's a fighter at heart, very strong mentally with a great sense of humor. There's always at least one really good laugh every session. With his strong mind and fighting heart Mark kills every workout, finishes every set and bangs out every rep. Proper nutrition also plays a huge role in Marks success. If you apply yourself like this and commit physically and mentally to the process you will get stronger, be healthier and have more energy to attack your days.

  • Michelle Dejesus

    Michelle was tired of putting herself last, and wanted to finally put herself first. That started with getting her overall health in order. She wanted to hire a personal trainer that was, in her own words, "Extremely patient and doesn't mind a lot of complaining and explaining things over and over again!" so she made the leap and signed up for our 12-Week Body Makeover program, which is a 1-on-1 personal training program designed to take you from shit-to-fit in 12 weeks. She likes that our studio is very private so no prying eyes making you feel uncomfortable which is very helpful for a beginner or our VIP clients that don't want a lot of fans coming up and distracting them. Ever since starting the program Michelle has lost a lot of weight and has become super strong. She used to laugh at all the Youtube videos of super strong women deadlifting 100's of pounds...but now she has become one of those women. lol. Aside from the aesthetic goals, Michelle has made major headway in life/career and has really become a lot more headstrong and definitely puts herself first. Life is definitely a lot more enjoyable when you get your health and fitness in order.

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Marquis McMichael

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Maria Varela

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Anthony L.

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Mark Lehrman

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Michelle Dejesus

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